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Cultural Exchange Through Japanese Budo - Authentic, Classical, Sogo Bujutsu Comes To Ohio.

The Cultural Exchange Society of Ohio (CESO), in coordination with the Japan Cultural Exchange Society and the All Japan / International Sogo Budo Federation, has commissioned Seishinkan International to bring authentic, classical martial sciences to the State of Ohio.  This service is provided in response to numerous requests from several Ohio martial arts schools, corporations, organizations, and individuals. The United States headquarters for Seishinkan International, located in Michigan, has sent its Chief Instructor, John Viol Shihan, to Ohio to establish martial science programs which promote cultural exchange through Japanese Budo.

Sogo Budo / Bujutsu is the original practical martial way of feudal warriors with a history dating back over 2,000 years. Sogo Budo (total martial ways) is a logical and sophisticated method of training, providing practitioners with a balanced integration of the three primary categories of martial arts: weaponry, percussion, and grappling. 

John Viol Shihan was selected due to his vast and specialized qualifications. A native of Ohio, John Viol Shihan began his martial sciences career 40 years ago in 1967. He was invited to Japan in 1977 and lived there studying and training as an Uchi Deshi (live-in student) full time for more than 18 years. John Viol Shihan is from the "old school" of the martial sciences. Not a mere black belt, Viol Shihan has progressed through the original Koryu Bujutsu Menkyo (ancient warrior licensing) system. In 1991, at a special ceremony in Japan, John Viol Shihan was awarded the Menkyo Kaiden, the highest martial arts teaching license attainable. John Viol Shihan is uniquely qualified to provide specialized training and services to new students, existing martial artists, instructors, organizations, and schools. Click HERE for a profile and photos of John Viol Shihan in Japan.

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